Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Am Driven Like Miss Daisy

Hi! I'm Jake!

This week, I'm working the Northern Plains, including North Dakota, Minnesota, & Wisconsin. Fun times. Ranging from mullets to bad sweaters to lipsticked Virginia Slims to obesity, each place has their own sense of fashion. Great people! I'm thankful for that.

I am also thankful because I'm traveling with a really fun comedian- & he is doing all the driving! Yay!  When you don't have to drive, that's when you know you've made it. Actually, that's not true.  That might also mean you just have a DUI.

Anyway, here are 3 Things I'm Thankful For because I Am Being Driven like Miss Daisy:

1. I can do other things instead of driving.
When I'm not driving, I can do other things like eat, drive, write jokes, tweet & sleep. I have done all those things while driving, but they are all way easier to do when I'm not- especially sleeping.

2. I get to hear new music.
When I drive, I play my music. That's what's in my car, so that's what I play. When somebody else drives, we listen to their music. Today, we listened to The Roots, an R&B mix, & a whole bunch of jazz I'd never heard before. I'm thankful because I got to hear music I might not have heard otherwise. I was exposed to culture!  Yay! Exposure to culture is always a good thing- unless you are at a doctor's office. Strep cultures are sick!

More importantly, the other comedian is thankful because he doesn't have to hear my music. When I do long drives in my car, we listen to music that keeps me awake- like Autechre, Black Lung, Venetian Snares, & other IDM*. My former roommate, Elliot Woolsey said that my music sounds like robots humping each other- badly. 

So, to all you features out there, unless you want to hear robot hump music, offer to drive. You'll be thankful you did.

3. No wear & tear on my vehicle.
My Honda has 248,000+ miles.  It's 13 years old.  I get 12 oil changes, a new set of tires, & at least 1 majore repair every year. I can barely afford those things- let alone a new car!  Wear & tear is expensive.  I pay about a thousand dollars on it every year. That wears & tears the inside of my bum bum!

So, I am thankful somebody else (who is making less money than me) can enjoy those expenses instead!  Thanks, sucker!  Wear & tear this!

NOTE: I truly am grateful to my feature act for driving.  Headliners & future headliners, please do your features justice by throwing them a little extra gas money for the wear & tear & for the stress of driving.  You could also buy them a meal that week.  They will be thankful- plus, it's the right thing to do.  When I was featuring, headliners did that for me.  I was extremely thankful for that too.

As always, I am thankful you read my blog. I'd also be thankful if you left a comment here- even if it is an unfavorable comment, like "Hey, Jake, being thankful is dumb.  Cut it out!"


*IDM stands for Intelligent Dance Music.  So, not only is the music grating to your ears, the name is off-putting- & snobby too!

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  1. Hey, I still have pictures of you in that striped shirt, I might have to post them one day and tag you! Have fun on your trip and it probably is a good thing your not driving, it would take away from that much needed down time!!