Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gabbie King

Hi!  I'm Jake!

I just read a story that is both horrifying & inspiring.  An 11-year-old girl in Dallas Texas had a brain tumor that doctors were able to pull out of her nose. Click on this link to read the news story. 

It's horrifying to think a young kid would have a life-threatening tumor.  It's horrifying to have anything- let alone a tumor- pulled from your nose.

However, I am inspired because society is at a point where our technology allows us to fix that problem.  I'm inspired at the strength of Gabbie King, the young girl who survived the tumor.  She is alive & well.  I'm thankful for that.

Here are 3 Things I Am Thankful For about Gabbie King:

1. My problems seem miniscule in comparison.
As a comedian I am responsible for writing my act, performing my act, getting clubs & bookers to book me, tweeting, blogging, podcasting, making merchandise, arranging transportation, filing my taxes, creating my promo pack, maintaining my promo pack, & many other jobs.  Plus, I have to be funny.

All that stuff can stress me out.  Sometimes, I find myself  on the road, alone in a hotel, wishing I could be anywhere else, wishing my career was in a better place too.

But when I read about Gabbie King, an 11-year-old who survived a tumor operation, I realized I need to be thankful I even have the opportunity to do my shows.  I am alive & healthy-ish.  I have a gut.  I don't exercise.  But other than that, I have the opportunity to work hard & make something of myself.  I am thankful for that.

2. Gabbie makes me value my time.
Somebody smart once said we each have the same 24 hours each day.  Of course, I am paraphrasing, misquoting, & not even citing the misquote.

The point is though, some of us have more 24 hour days than others. We need to recognize the clock is ticking.  You could be gone tomorrow, so do your best today.  I'm glad you are here today, Gabbie.  I am thankful I am here, too.  I often take my time for granted, but not today.  Thanks.

3. I'm thankful modern day technology allows me to hear Gabbie's story.
In olden tymes, I might not have heard about Gabbie's story for years- if ever.  But, thanks to the internet, we can all read about her. I'm thankful for that.

Cool.  Well, today's entry was super serious.  I promise more poop jokes & immaturity tomorrow.

I'm thankful you read this blog entry.

Bye!  I'm Jake!

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